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At QueWare, it’s always been our priority mission to ensure the delivery of the best available solutions to our partners. To achieve this, we combine the leading products of various providers, whether it’s the navigation software, the regional map data or various connected services, by building on their individual strengths.


As the newest member of NNG’s iGO product line, iGO primo nextgen has been created to deliver a single-technology automotive software solution to linefit projects of automotive partners all around the world. By combining years of experience in delivering projects to all navigation segments, the latest software keeps all the well-known and popular features of the previous products, and adds innovative and revolutionary new features and additions, therefore creating a whole new software experience which suits all automotive project requirements.




  • Automotive HMI: The new HMI has been developed based on crucial feedbacks collected from automotive partners and customers over the years, therefore serving OEM needs on a higher level. It has been specifically designed for in-car use, by offering flexibility, seamless usability and integration options, while minimizing driver distraction.


  • Flexibility: thanks to the special single-technology solution, the product can be integrated with all types of infotainment systems, hardware, operation systems and screen resolutions. Customization of the user interface workflow and menu points, as well as the function and feature lists gives the OEM-s and partners a wide range of available choices.




  • Connected Services: the new software puts a great emphasis on in-car connectivity, offering local online services of various providers for all the regions. The connected services include not just live traffic and local search, but also more advanced additions like parking, fuel price and live weather information.


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Welcome to Queware technologies FZCO

Queware technologies FZCO is a Dubai-based company, founded in 2015, offering complex navigation and telematics solutions, related project management and project delivery services. We are providing custom in-car infotainment solutions with localized contents and features globally, with the key regions being Middle East and India. Though QueWare is a newly-opened company, the founders have long-term history in the automotive industry, well-established relationships with the key Auto OEM-s and partners, and 20+ years of experience in delivering automotive solutions to Emerging Markets.