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                                                                                               Map updates


We believe that being up-to-date is crucial in today’s rushing world – hence QueWare is offering several methods for keeping your navigation solution and your maps updated as well!

Together with NNG’s iGO software, we provide you a quick and easy update solution – through the online portal Naviextras )!

Here you can have access to:




  • Free map updates if you have latest map guarantee privilege or a built-in subscription period in your navigation solution – which can be identified by choosing your brand and device model from the list

  • Purchase options for single map updates or for extending your update period, from a global map offering

  • A selection of extra navigation contents and online services to subscribe for

  • Renting options of maps for specific countries or regions if you only need a map for a limited time period.

In case you need a detailed technical description or any help during the map update process, you can always turn to the multilingual videos and the how-to-guides available here:

Furthermore, we can offer multiple ways of map updates besides the online end-user update as well, such as:

  • Dealer update

  • Factory update

  • USB-based update.

Choosing the best method can be different for each project, depending on technical, regional, legal or commercial circumstances - and we are here to give you support for all!




If you are looking for a customized solution so that your end-users will feel more at home and you can show them a specific offering, there are options open for that too! Check out these examples:

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Queware technologies FZCO is a Dubai-based company, founded in 2015, offering complex navigation and telematics solutions, related project management and project delivery services. We are providing custom in-car infotainment solutions with localized contents and features globally, with the key regions being Middle East and India. Though QueWare is a newly-opened company, the founders have long-term history in the automotive industry, well-established relationships with the key Auto OEM-s and partners, and 20+ years of experience in delivering automotive solutions to Emerging Markets.